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Li Zhen Shaanxi supplies Trade Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive company that specializes in the radiator R & D, manufacturing and marketing of high-tech enterprises, the company uses the domestic advanced radiator production equipment, relying on the local rich resources, we developed a series of different types of double metal casting radiators, determined to "Wen Jiaxin" card radiator into a world-renowned brands. It has passed the ISO9001: 2008 international quality system certification, and access to the national market quality standards, customer satisfaction Double Excellence title units. In recent years, we unswervingly committed magnesium aluminum composite radiator new technology, new product development, research, succession continue to introduce new products with independent intellectual property rights Zhen Li, a number of national patents, clever geometric design, no thermal conductivity, perfect color performance, allowing you to feel the inside out from one of the new, a mood, a mood.

Looking back in the past, we provide quality products and perfect after-sales service for many projects. Looking ahead, we will, as always adhering to the "good faith, customer first" faith, the courage to explore and innovate, to provide more new style to the community, high-quality heating equipment.


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